Hello I'm Brad Dixon, owner of ENDURObeet. I'm a sports physiotherapist, triathlon/running coach, RPM instructor, and father of two beautiful growing girls. I've been involved in the NZ triathlon scene since 1988, competing at the Long distance World champs in 1996, and the Hawaiian Ironman in 1999. I never understood the importance of life balance, and the power of great nutrition to fuel every aspect of life until a couple of years ago.

I was training for the Kepler off road run and developed a meniscus tear (running on an injured knee - stupid). I missed the race and decided while I couldn't run for 6 months I would use the time to work on good nutrition, and train around the injury with a positive mind-set rather than sulk.

I lost 8kg  in 10 weeks, and discovered a vitality that I hadn't experienced since I was a teenager by eating less processed carbs, increasing my good fats, cutting out free sugar, and eating more vegetables - especially leafy green vegetables high in Nitrates. ENDURObeet beetroot powder is a great way to get those nitrates in an easy natural convenient fashion. It really adds a great flavour to my smoothies, and it's an excellent way to improve performance and exemplify that "feel good" factor before a tough training session or race.

ENDURObeet is not a silver bullet but when used as part of a healthy lifestyle and eating plan it helps lift you to a higher level of performance helping every aspect of your life.


A diet rich in Nitrate is good for heart health and can reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels. Studies are showing that nitrate can also lower the amount of oxygen required during intense prolonged exercise as they are broken down into Nitric Oxide (NO) and recycled NO acts as a neurotransmitter / signalling molecule for many systems that has a number of effects on the body - these include..............



1) Vasodilation (increasing diameter of blood vessels) increasing blood flow

2) Regulation of muscle contraction and fuel (glucose) uptake.

3) Regulation of cellular respiration*.

*Cellular respiration is the process by which the chemical energy of "food" molecules is released and partially captured in the form of ATP.

Ingredients : 100% beetroot. NO preservatives.



Nutritional information                      Ave per 15g                      Ave per 100g

Energy (kj)                                            204                                           1359

Protein (g)                                             0.7                                            4.5

Total Fat (g)                                          0                                               0.1

-Sat fat                                                  0                                               0

Carbohydrate (g)                                  12                                             80

-Sugars (g)                                           12                                             80

Dietary fibre (g)                                    1.5                                             9

Sodium (mg)                                         8                                               54

*33grms of the ENDURObeet endurance powder is equivalent to approx. 400mg of Nitrates.