ENDURObeet beetroot powder is bought in to NZ from an Australian company - NutraDry. Please see the link below for the PRODUCT SPECIFICATION document for the Product "NutraDry Beetroot Juice Powder"  The NutraDry Beetroot Juice Powder is produced by drying beetroot juice using the NutraDry low temperature process (the temperature doesn't go over 60 degrees). The powder is then milled and packed under a nitrogen atmosphere to maintain shelf life. Physical Standards Flavour Free from off flavours, typical of beetroot Appearance Free, flowing fine powder Colour Deep purple Odour Typical of beetroot, free from off or objectionable odours Size Milled though a 800micron screen
25grams Nutritional Information (Theoretical/100g)= Energy 1359kJ Protein 4.5g Total fat 0.1g - saturated fat 0.0g Carbohydrate 79.7g - sugars 79.7g Dietary Fibre  9.7g Sodium 54mg Ingredients Beetroot Moisture < 6% w/w
Consumption Food ingredient GMO NIL as per Food Standards, Australia & New Zealand Code Claims Suitable for vegetarians Suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians Suitable for lacto vegetarians.